You currently aren't able to find your friends on Wearit through search. This feature is coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!
We work with a number of retailers, to ensure there is plenty of range to pick from! Currently we feature the following retailers: Hallensteins, Rodd & Gunn, Amazon Surf, FallenFront, ASOS, Topman, and The ICONIC.
If you've forgotten your password, follow the link on the log-in page and enter your email address. You can also click here to get a reset link sent to your email.
If you’ve forgotten your password, click here . For any other problem email us at support@wearit.co
If you would like to stop receiving email updates, click here to go to the edit profile page, then select the Email tab change your preferences.
Click here to go to the edit profile page, then click the green Replace button on your profile picture and upload or select a new picture from facebook.
Click on My Profile on the top navigation menu, and then select the green Edit my Profile above your picture. Here you will be able to edit your profile information.
Send us an email at support@wearit.co requesting your account deletion and let us know why you would like to leave, we’d love to know :)
To share Wearit with your friends, select Invite on the top navigation menu. You can share via email, via Facebook or send your friends a link to sign up however you'd like.
Select Messages from the top navigation menu. Select the message and write your reply.
You can check out a general size guide here . The sizes on your profile are the same as the sizes of the retailers, and these will depend on the retailer your order is from. You can change the sizes of your items when checking out before you purchase.
Each item has different care instructions depending on the fabric it’s made of. Make sure you read the label on the item once you receive the item so you can take care of it well.
Sure - simply add the item to your watchlist by clicking the "Add to Watchlist" button on the item, and we’ll email you when your size is back in stock.
Sometimes items go out of stock with a retailer, however we still want you to see the awesome looks the Wearit stylists have put together. If items are out of stock you can use them for inspiration to find what you like :)
The best way to find your sizes is to check the sizes on the clothes your currently wearing or go take a look at the clothes in your wardrobe. Otherwise you can check out our sizing guide here .
Select Edit my Profile from drop down arrow on the far right of the navigation menu, click Sizes and select your sizes.
Yes. Browse our stylists and the looks they’ve created by selecting My Looks on the top navigation menu. You can browse the stylists who have created looks for you, or select "Other Looks" to browse all of the latest stylists. When you find a stylist you want to recommend clothes, click on Request to the right of her profile.
Points can be earned by completing any of the below tasks:
  • Making an look for a guy
  • Making look for a guy you have previously dressed
  • When a guy vote's "Yes I would Wearit" on any of the looks you suggest
  • When a guy purchases any items from the looks you've recommended
  • Referring a friend that signs up to Wearit
  • Responding to direct requests from guys within 24 hours
When you earn style points you can be exchange them for coupons from the store(s) your choice. Navigate to the COUPONS page from the top navigation menu, to see the coupons you can exchange your style points for.
The stores we currently have coupons for are ASOS, The ICONIC, Glassons, Jeanswest, Hello Parry, Boohoo.com, Hunters & Gatherers, Neverland Store.
We're always adding new stores and on the lookout for more. If you know any stores that you would like us to get exclusive coupons for drop us a line at support@wearit.co and we'll see what we can do!
When you create a look for a guy, you have the option to write a description of the look and why you think it would work for him. The guy you select an outfit for will have the option to answer the question "Would you Wearit?" the options with Yes, Maybe or No.
To find his look request click on ‘My Requests’ located on the top navigation menu. Choose the guy you want to style and click on ‘Dress (guys name)’. From here, you create the look as per normal. Happy styling!
Coming soon, you'll be able to create looks for your friends and send them via facebook and email.


If you have a question for anything else and would like to contact us please email us at support@wearit.co .